About Us

At Sylvatica Ecology, our mission is to provide a high value high quality service that does not compromise on accuracy. We don’t tell our clients what they want to hear, but what they need to hear.

Our values

Sustainable development is our organisations core value. We firmly believe that progress has to be made, and that development can be a good thing if carried out in tune with the surrounding environment.

We maintain best practice methodology as a matter of principle and maintain high standards in all times without resulting in exorbitant costs.

Our clients

Our ecologists have carried out a variety of work for a diverse range of clients, carrying out a range of projects across many sectors that include wildlife charities, architects, housing developers, and governmental agencies. Sylvatica Ecology is an approved contractor to both Surrey Wildlife Trust and London Wildlife Trust.

Our people

We have a wide and diverse skill set to call upon from our team of experienced ecologists with particular specialities that include, Phase One Surveys, BREEAM, Code for Sustainable Homes, bats, dormice, badgers, great crested newt, water voles, otters, white clawed crayfish, tree surveys, habitat management and national vegetation classification. Our ecologists are all members of the Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management.

Our projects

We have worked on a variety of projects including; Haringey and Islington Schools BREEAM, Alton to Frimley Railway Ecological Assessment, reptile and amphibian translocation projects, great crested newt survey and mitigation in Harlow and Hatfield, tree climbing surveys for bats and dormice for the Environment Agency plus many more.